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Terms And Conditions Of Use General Provisions & Use And Sale

Access and use of ITABAZAAR.COM such as offering and selling products from ITABAZAAR.COM is subject to These general conditions of use and sale control activities. Access to and use of this website and the purchase of products on itabazaar.com, for example, is subject to reading, understanding and Acceptance of these general conditions. By accessing the website ITABAZAAR.COM, the user undertakes to accept and comply with all the contents of the conditions contained in this website.

I. Intellectual Property

TABAZAAR.COM and all of its contents are Hu Suqin itabazaar.com is the property of. That includes documents, images, text, designs, music, software, code and format scripts. The material contained on the site is protected by copyright. Any reproduction, modification, transmission, publication or redistribution to third parties for commercial purposes is strictly prohibited, Without the express written consent of Hu Suqin ITABAZAAR.COM. Su Suqin's ITABAZAAR.COM prohibits the use of the content or trademarks on the website for any purpose other than those mentioned above. Other purposes. The content of the images on this website is the property of Hu Suqin's ITABAZAAR.COM. Any use of these images without the written consent of Hu Suqin's ITABAZAAR.COM will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

II. Business Policy

ITABAZAAR.COM has created and published the website ITABAZAAR.COM with the aim of providing its clients with Professional services are provided. The products sold on the website are intended for end users only. For end-users, itabazaar.com refers to the actions of natural persons aimed at ITABAZAAR.COM, which are not related to their commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activities. COM, independent of the commercial, entrepreneurial or professional activities carried out by him. Therefore, users who do not belong to the category of end-users are requested not to try to use the ITABAZAAR.COM with ITABAZAAR.COM brands to establish commercial relationships, nor to place orders for goods sold through third parties. Taking into account the above commercial policies, ITABAZAAR.COM reserves the right not to deal with non-end users and brands that do not comply with its commercial policies and General conditions of the order right.

III. Applicable Law, Competent Court And Jurisdiction

These general conditions of use are governed by Italian law and must be interpreted reasonably in accordance with Italian law. The Customer accepts the exclusive jurisdiction of the Italian courts. For all matters relating to the use of this website and the use of the Hu Suqin's ITABAZAAR.COM will be responsible for any disputes related to the implementation of the purchase by the Court of Bologna.

4. Errors Or Inaccuracies. Website Not Working

Hu Suqin's ITABAZAAR.COM publishes information on its website in order to provide its customers with a stable and updated service. and has taken all useful precautions to ensure the accuracy of its users and the content of itabazaar.com. and does not contain information that is not legitimate and is not updated in the data they publish; however, itabazaar.com has no control over any of them. No liability is assumed for technical or factual errors and/or the possibility of typographical errors, which will be immediately recognized upon marking. Correction. Due to special configuration or malfunction of the computer used by the customer, the color of the product displayed on the website may differ slightly from the original color. ITABAZAAR.COM assumes no responsibility for the possibility of discrepancies. ITABAZAAR.COM reserves the right to make corrections and changes to the Website if necessary, without prior notice. ITABAZAAR.COM has taken appropriate technical and organizational measures to protect the security of its services on ITABAZAAR. COM's services on ITABAZAAR.COM and to allow the Customer to identify and correct any data entry errors before placing an order, and to ensure that the Customer is allowed to The ITABAZAAR.COM website is protected according to international Internet standards. If used correctly, it protects the user from the risk of viruses. However, ITABAZAAR.COM cannot guarantee that users will be able to run the site continuously and that they will not be exposed to viruses due to their Internet connection. interruptions or errors or malfunctions due to the deactivation of cookies in your browser, and disclaims any liability in connection therewith and any liability and Any problems, damages or risks that the user may encounter in connection with the use of the Site

User Data

ITABAZAAR.COM considers the privacy of its users (hereinafter referred to as "Users") to be of paramount importance. The processing of personal data by ITABAZAAR.COM (hereinafter referred to as the "Website") is carried out in accordance with the rights of the parties concerned, and in particular in relation to confidentiality, protection of personal identity and the right to protection of personal data. In this regard, ITABAZAAR.COM is concerned with all matters relating to the administration of the website in relation to the processing of personal data of the user. This Privacy Policy has been adopted by the Company. This Privacy Policy is based on Article 13 of the Decree Law "On the Protection of Personal Data". 196/2003 ("Regulation").

I. Definition Of "Personal Data"

For the purposes of this Privacy Policy, "personal data" - better defined in article 4 of the Legislative Decree, Law no. 196 of June 30, 2003, on the protection of personal data - means "any information relating to natural persons, legal persons, entities or associations, which are or can be identified directly or indirectly, including personal identification numbers". This privacy policy applies only to personal data collected from users through this website and not to other websites that are accessed through links on third party websites.

II. Data Controllers

any personal data after consulting the itabazaar.com website and any other data processing for commercial activities data controller

III. Right Of Access And Other Rights Concerning Personal Data

On the subject of personal data, Decree-Law No. 7 of 196/2003 provides for the possibility of obtaining confirmation of the existence of such data at any time. rights, and the right to be informed of their content and origin, to verify their accuracy or to request their integration, updating or correction. In addition, they have the right to request the cancellation, conversion to anonymous form or block the processing of data in violation of the law and, in any case, for reasons of Just cause opposes its dismissal.

IV. Browsing Data And Cookies

We wish to inform users that cookies will be sent in the so-called way during browsing that takes place through links to our website. "Sessions", whose sole purpose is to temporarily store useful generic information in order to properly navigate the site. Once disconnected from our website, cookies are automatically deactivated and therefore do not track and collect personal information in any way

V. Voluntary Data Provided By Users

The optional input of personal data through registration or request for goods or services, explicitly and voluntarily sent, essentially involves the subsequent acquisition of the sender's address in order to carry out a response to the request and any other personal data contained in the message. The personal data provided will not be disclosed to third parties, except to those who carry out activities on our behalf in connection with or in support of us.

VI. Voluntary Data Provided By Users

The type of data processed and the method of processing as data controller, ITABAZAAR.COM would like to inform the user that the user is responsible for the processing of the data in the form of The personal data collected in online form will be used exclusively in its dedicated electronic database for the following purposes:

. Send the information specified in your request
2. Promote products and services by regularly sending newsletters
3. />3. communicate with external companies other than ITABAZAAR.COM for the same purposes as described above. Market research, promotions and marketing activities.
For the purposes mentioned in number 1, The provision of data is optional, but without the user's consent, it will not be possible to provide the services and information requested by the user for the above-mentioned purposes and to continue browsing the website. For the purposes mentioned in numbers 2 and 3, the provision of user data is optional and still requires the explicit consent of the user.